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April 17, 2020

Best Vein Health | The Functions Of My Veins are Important?

Vein Health is more integral to your well-being and overall general health than you realize. Vein disease is prevalent in more than 50% of middle aged females and yet recognition and workup of this disease is a new topic to many of the patients I talk to. Why don’t more patients have this as part of their concerns given their crampy legs, restless legs at night, difficulty walking, and visible vein disease. I blame it on a combination of apathy as well as acceptance along with a lack of education concerning this specific topic.

Why do my veins matter?

For the veins I can see, they’re matted, large or gangly – in general they’re ugly, but they don’t bother me so why fix them?

I’ve never noticed them before. Isn’t that just how your legs look when you get older.

…and many more are the comments I hear in my clinic, at lectures/info sessions, at health fairs and in communications with many people. This boils down to the basic question:

Why does Vein Health matter?”

My answer stems from the altruistic statement we hear as we’re growing up as Surgical Residents – “The rule of the artery is supreme“. Quoted from Andrew T. Still in 1910. Associated with a classic argument with healthcare practitioners, but arguably not a completely true statement, but actually only partially true.

Disease stems from dysfunction. If the function of an organ is flow, then dysfunction is the lack of flow. If nerves, lymphatics or arteries do not work then there is disease, plain and simple. Veins are also a pathway of delivery of blood. A circuit to be complete must have a roundabout path with return. Without return the arterial system will ultimately fail. The Arteries and Veins are integral to one another, they are 2 sides to a coin.

A great analogy is found with a liver transplant. The liver is one of the most resilient organs of the body, able to withstand beating after beating from either trauma or self-induced abuse from one drug to another. It is the stalwart warrior of the abdomen. When transplanted from one patient to another many factors are taken into consideration. Basic principles of flow must be followed. Principally flow in and flow out of blood. If either of these are compromised then ultimately the liver will fail. If not acutely then within hours after transplantation. Take this fundamental principle and apply it to all aspects of the body. Here stems the source of your legs and their Vein Health.

“What is the function of Veins?”

A basic function of blood is to deliver Oxygen and Nutrients to the tissue via arteries. The flip side of this function is the return of Carbon Dioxide and Urea via the veins. Basically, veins function to carry waste from your tissues to your kidneys, lungs and liver for processing and removal. So why does Vein Health matter? Without Vein function there is chronic backup of toxins & waste. This noxious environment leads to the death of trapped blood as blood within these veins cannot return to the lungs or the heart, they cannot receive life sustaining oxygen or sugar so ultimately, they die. The discoloration on people’s legs, the dark staining of the skin of their lower legs is a superficial sign of Vein Disease. This is the iron from within the blood that has died that has Tattooed their skin from years of disease and is a very late sign of Vein disease.

“What can I do to improve my Vein Health?”

Closing veins (that are a pit-trap for blood) forces the body to return your blood back to the heart, returning blood back to complete its functional role as transport for not only nutritional resources but also removal of toxins from your tissue.

Schedule your Vein Health assessment today and I will personally help you better understand your legs Vein Health.


– Joseph Cipriano, DO.



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