PDO NOVA Threads

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Are you looking to restore collagen for a youthful appearance? Our revolutionary PDO NOVA threads provide quality beyond compare for your new look. At Lumiere Cosmetic Vein Center, we want you to feel good about yourself inside and out!

PDO NOVA threads are an innovative treatment to lift saggy skin while restoring collagen and natural volume to the face. NOVA threads are state-of-the-art because they are needles that include pre-set PDO threads in the device.

benefits of

PDO NOVA Threads

The PDO threads go beneath the layer of your skin and absorb into the skin over time!

  • Restores a youthful appearance

  • Increased confidence

  • Absorbable PDO threads

  • No scar tissues

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How Does it Work?

The NOVA Thread needle is directly inserted below the interstitial tissue and PDO threads are pulled in and out, to tug the skin back. In doing so, this stimulates your body to begin the natural healing process by inducing collagen into the area. Please consult with your doctor about after-care instructions, so you can heal at a quicker rate!

Do You Need PDO NOVA Threads?

This unmatched system of restoring a youthful look is a specialty at our office.  We are pleased to discuss your cosmetic goals, so you can feel confident again. Contact us today to learn more!

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