Not All Veins Are Equal

May 30, 2020

Not All Veins Are Equal, Not All Treatments Are Cosmetic


Teatment of venous abnormalities of the hands, face, legs arms and trunk are centered around venous problems. Too much volume in too small a space. The “balloon” of ones’ veins overfill. This “overstretching” of the veins will accommodate increased volume. This then allows for directly visible or indirectly visible abnormalities. Not all veins are equal when treating superficial or deep veins. Addressing the root cause is necessary to prevent recurrence.

Treatments: Expectations vs Reality

Many patients see specialists for vein treatment. They are discontent in the appearance of ones legs. Patients’ disease is advanced when they finally do come to our office. So advanced that recovery of normal function and appearance may not only take a prolonged time but also may be impossible. Improvement can be obtained with simple outpatient procedures.

Goals for their treatment is an upfront discussion I have with all of my patients. Recognizing that the patients expectations and treatment goals usually are not equal. Helping these meet with understanding is key prior to all treatments. Healing of wounds, improved ambulation, improved daily function, resolution of cramping usually are all attainable with resolution of high venous pressure.

Treatment Is Attainable

With treatment of the deeper veins the superficial diseased veins can follow suit. Treating the superficial veins prior to addressing the deep will guarantee history to repeat itself eventually with recurrence of the superficial problems. Not all veins are equal. We offer diagnosis & treatment focused on the real causes for patients disease, not only treatment without reasoning. When the deep root cause of their superficial cosmetic ailments resolve so do the visible defects. Treatment of remaining cosmetic defects can then be treated finding solace in the face that when treated their veins are more likely to stay gone. Schedule today.

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