Q: Why do I have Varicose Veins?

A: Many reasons lead to someone to develop varicose veins including pregnancy, obesity, history of DVT, genetics, cancer, smoking, muscle weakness and phlebitis to name a few.

Q: What are the symptoms of venous insufficiency?

A: Swelling in your legs or ankles, Tight feeling in your calves, Itchy legs, painful legs, pain when walking that stops when at rest, discoloration of skin often near the ankles, varicose veins, leg wounds that won’t heal.

Q: Will my leg wounds heal with treatment of my venous insufficiency?

A: Many wounds are present in legs for different reasons but if your wound is tied to a vein in its location this can be the cause of the wound not healing. Treatment of this vein can help this wound heal and has helped patients avoid further treatments. These treatments are often inclusive of debridement and amputation secondary to comorbid conditions of diabetes and peripheral arterial disease but the venous disease is part of the process.

Q: Will insurance pay for my treatment?

A: Documented insufficiency with failure of conservative management (Compression stockings for 3 months) usually will then allow providers to proceed with treatment of patient’s veins. This helps prevent progression of the disease process and worse symptoms. Our staff will assist in communicating with your insurance company to determine what steps need to be taken to allow us to proceed.

Q: Will the physician see me on my visit?

A: Yes. Every patient who visits our clinic will be seen by our physician.

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