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April 6, 2020

Best Vein Health, Which Veins Can Be Treated?

Many offices treat superficial Veins with injections and superficial treatments. Key treatment is recognizing many Veins have a background CAUSE and these need to be addressed. All treatments are subject to failure without resolving their cause to obtain your Best Vein Health.

We address the whole body and look for the background causes. Looking at the body as a whole picture and try to see these background issues that have lead to the development of Spider Veins and Varicose Veins.

  • Has the woman had children?
  • Has the bicyclist spent hours on their bike?
  • Did the waiter (bar tender/physician/nurse/truck driver etc.) work long hours without a break?

Superficial treatment alone will not address these problems. You’re the captain of this ship and we can help you make a decision for treatment.

Complications of Waiting

What are the complications without treatment? Natural progression of Venous Hypertension of a lower extremity can lead to ulcers and infection. Within 1-2 weeks pain resolves and edema improves. Legs are lighter and people are able to move better.

What Vein Treatments are Available?

Each patient is the captain of their own body and we will help you make an educated decision. From Sclerotherapy to Endovascular Laser Therapy we offer a wide range of treatments in Cape Coral and help you understand your options.

Best Vein Health in Cape Coral

Problems from this causes far reaching issues in most people who have Venous disease. Restless legs, low back pain, cramping legs, chronic wounds and swelling are only a few problems associated with Vein problems. With treatment today you can obtain your Best Vein Health. With resolution occurring you have improved mobility and general health. Look to hear from you soon.

Joseph Cipriano, DO – Board Certified General Surgeon

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